What is Conflict Coaching ?


Conflict Coaching is a relatively new concept to the UK providing a unique and fresh approach to managing conflict in many areas.

This is a highly effective programme aimed at empowering individuals experiencing difficulties at work with colleagues, family, friends or neighbours. Experienced Conflict Coaches listen to the difficulties experienced by clients and allow them to find ways to positively respond to their dilemma.


How does Conflict Coaching Work?


A Conflict Coach employs a wide range of communication tools and techniques based on a proven set of principals which allows the client to find a solution to the conflict without the other party being involved or even aware of any Conflict Coaching sessions having taken place!


How long Does It Take?


Conflict Coaching is not a long-term commitment, in fact we initially provide up to three one hour sessions as that is proven to be very effective and it discourages the possibility of the client becoming reliant on the coach. Clients can return for further coaching, in relation to other difficulties, or if things have changed in relation to the first issue over a period of time.

Conflict Coaching
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