What is Family Group Conferencing ?

As a Family Group Conference Co-ordinator Denis works with families where the welfare of the children may be at risk, where a Child Protection Plan is in force or Children’s Services are involved.

Denis meets with the adults with parental responsibilities and helps them to identify family members, and close friends, who may have the resources, particularly in terms of time and experience, to support the family to deal with any difficulties in a way that involves the authorities less and less. The aim is to build on the strengths in the family to help the children have a better childhood and often out from under the shadow of Social Services. Denis works for the families and their children and is independent of Social Services.

How does Family Group Conferencing Work ?

His family group conferences are in 3 parts:

The professionals involved can give their view of the situation and the family can ask any questions they may have.

The family have quiet time to come up with the ideas that address issues raised by the professionals and will eventually form the Family Plan.  Everyone gets back together and Denis helps them finalise the plan.

Family group conferences last a short time but can change the lives of all the family members and lead to reduced, or even no, involvement with social services.

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Family Group Conferencing

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